Dibi Milano Prodigio C40 Anti-Oxidant Kit


Product includes 5 Anti-Oxidant Kits; 5 Pure Collagen Pearls and serum.


The innovation of the exclusive Collagen Fiber Pearls, combined with the action of the Vitality Boosting Serum, provides a targeted action. The intensive skin products counter the marks of stress and time, reboot the mechanisms of the skin regeneration, and repair and strengthen the skin’s defenses against environmental aggressions.

The intense 30-day treatment is ideal for dull, fragile and dehydrated skin. It is suitable for all skin types. In a single formula the Vitality Boosting Serum concentrates the Astaxathin and pool of anti-oxidant and moisturizing ingredients. The Collagen Pearls have a triple helix structure, similar to the structure in our skin and are particularly suited for improving the skin’s appearance.